10 Tips for Drinking More Water

ImageMost people have a love-hate relationship with water. They love to hate it! You don’t see anyone buying fancy water glasses or getting excited about 2 for 1 waters on a Friday evening. But like it or not, you need H20 to survive and to maintain healthy bodily functions.

Lots of ailments can be cured with a glass of water. So how do you drink more? Here are 10 easy tips.

1. H20 To Go

Buy a water bottle and bring that sucker everywhere with you. Buy something pretty, flashy or just plain useful. Some water bottles will keep water a subzero temperatures for days. Look around, find something you like and take it places!

2. Infuse It

Maybe you hate water because it’s like drinking liquefied air. It doesn’t taste like much. If that’s the case grab some mason jars and start infusing. You can make lemon water, fruit flavored water, mint water. Endless options means endless opportunities to drink water.

3. Lose the Liquids

When I have guests over I always feel awkward offering them a drink. Usually my options consist of water and almond milk. Make those your options. Don’t buy juices, sodas and other carbonated beverages. I promise you’ll choose those over water every time. There’s nothing wrong with having juice, but most of them are sugary messes passed off as healthy. Read the ingredients, read the nutrition facts and when it doubt, drink water.

4. Drink and Drive

Whoa whoa, calm down. Drink water! When you’re bored at a stop light, grab a sip. When you’re stuck in afternoon traffic, grab a sip. When your throat is dry from belting out that Brittney Spears song, grab a sip. You’ll never be more grateful to get home than when you’ve drank enough water. P.S. I do not endorse drinking alcoholic beverages and driving under any circumstances. 

5. What’s for Dinner?

Drink water when you eat meals. Not only will it encourage you to fulfill drinking those 8 glasses, but it will also keep you from eating as much. One of the best things you can do when trying to lose weight is to drink more water. It doesn’t sound like much, but it will make a big difference.

6. Bottoms Up

Got a junk food craving? Down a glass of water. It will fill you up, keep you away from the bad stuff and get a little more H20 in your system. If you think about potato chips, chocolate, ice cream, and cake all day you might want to have small glasses of water. Everything in moderation, right?

7. On The Rocks

Maybe you have one of those fancy ice makers. If you do, that’s cool, but you might want to try going old school. Get some ice trays and fill them with lemons, berries or mint. Drop them in your water to keep it cool and give it a splash of flavor. After all, you wouldn’t want your water to be all watered down.

8. Set Reminders

Put a reminder in your phone that goes off three times a day that says: DRINK MORE WATER! Your friends and family may think you’re crazy, but your body will thank you for it later. Plus, if you’re anything like me you’ll forget you made the reminder and think something far more exciting is happening on your phone. Made you look.

9. Make it Fancy

Why do we put water in bottles? Drink water out of a special cup. Make sure it’s ice cold. Throw some flavor in there! If you’re feeling really adventurous, toss in a tea bag. Don’t think of water as a chore, think of it as an adventure.

10. Move More

The more you move the more often you get thirsty. When all you have is water, you’ll be surprised how much more you drink. Plus, your body will be stoked that you’re getting exercise and hydrating properly. Try it for 30 days and you’ll be shocked with the results.

Happy Drinking, friends!


A Running Shoe Miracle


Mizuno Wave Rider 15

My running shoes have seen better days. 300+ miles, 2 mud runs and lots of gym workouts. Yet somehow, every time I lace up, it’s those same purple, silver and orange Mizuno Wave Riders.

My feet ache when I run in them and my shins scream. My ankles suddenly feel brittle. When it rains, I slide around the concrete like a fish out of water. It’s just not safe. But, I ignored all these warning signs for fear of a $200 price tag to accompany my new kicks. Truth be told, these old Wave Riders were my first running shoe. They’re kind of my security blanket. They’re the shoes that built me.

Okay, all drama aside, I really did need new running shoes. SO, I put on my big girl panties, and decided I’d make the much anticipated trip to Fit 2 Run. I know the prices are astronomical and I know they sell you gear you don’t need. BUT I needed to try lots of shoes and the FIt 2 Run Club lets you do that.

My friend was gearing up to help me find the perfect running shoe, when The Running Shoe Miracle happened. His room mate is a professional tri-athlete. He wins awards (lots of them), he wakes up at 4 AM every day to train…basically he’s a beast. No surprise that his girlfriend is also athletic.

Here’s what is a surprise: we wear the same shoe size. Even bigger: she works at Fit 2 Run corporate and had running shoe she wasn’t using. We’re not talking one used old pair of running shoes. We’re talking about 6 pairs of $100-$190 pairs of shoes gently used. Some of them still have tags.


Aren’t they pretty?!

It was a Running Shoe Miracle. 

My new set of kicks includes:

Total: $744.91

Now that’s a Running Shoe Miracle. Reviews to come. 😉

Running Won’t Ever Suck Less, You Will

My running shoes.

My running shoes.

I was hyperventilating. My muscles were screaming. Sweat was dripping into my eyes.  Total miles: 0.25.

This was my first run. Unbeknownst to me, new running shoes and a cute outfit were not going to transform me into an athlete. From then on the very idea of running filled me with dread. I hated running.

I kept running because I had a vague idea in my head about getting in shape.  Somehow this hinged entirely on my ability to propel myself forward at faster-than-normal speeds.

For months, I was at war with my body and mind. My neighbors kept their distance after seeing my running down the road on numerous occasions muttering profanities. I hated running. 

Maybe I am a glutton for punishment or just plain stupid, but I didn’t stop running. The first time I ran two miles without stopping, I celebrated by vomiting in my neighbors yard.

I read endless articles on running technique, running jams, running progress. I wanted someone to tell me that running would stop sucking soon. All I knew was I hated running. 

As my running shoes started to lose their tread, an amazing thing happened. I found myself in those difficult, unbearable miles. For every second I kept running when I wanted to stop,  I felt stronger.

Suddenly, I wasn’t competing against the other people on the road, but against the person I was yesterday. Running became less about meeting a predetermined goal for physical activity, and about sticking to my guns.

I no longer glared at my running shoes and pictured them spontaneously catching fire. I saw them as therapy. I left my problems on the pavement, and  with each step I pictured a new self emerging.

One day, without meaning to, I ran a 5K. It was a new years resolution I made years ago that I finally fulfilled. I didn’t look back.

That same week, I joined a running club and started to shave time off my 5K. I met fellow runners who encouraged me to embrace the pain, who gave me tips, who kept me going. Running was officially my hobby.

It was then I realized that running isn’t about getting in shape, losing weight, or competing against your peers. The truth is, running is still hard, because I am always challenging myself to get better. Sometimes, my runs make me want to scream, but I finish them. Why? Because running is more than a sport.

It’s about finding strength in your weakness, it’s about lacing up even when it’s hard, it’s about constantly pushing yourself to be better than you were before.

I won’t say I “became a runner”, but rather, I became a person who was willing to go the distance. I am not the best, but I know for sure if I start a run, I will finish it. I know I’ll never give up on myself. I know I am strong.

Leave it all on the road.