A Running Shoe Miracle


Mizuno Wave Rider 15

My running shoes have seen better days. 300+ miles, 2 mud runs and lots of gym workouts. Yet somehow, every time I lace up, it’s those same purple, silver and orange Mizuno Wave Riders.

My feet ache when I run in them and my shins scream. My ankles suddenly feel brittle. When it rains, I slide around the concrete like a fish out of water. It’s just not safe. But, I ignored all these warning signs for fear of a $200 price tag to accompany my new kicks. Truth be told, these old Wave Riders were my first running shoe. They’re kind of my security blanket. They’re the shoes that built me.

Okay, all drama aside, I really did need new running shoes. SO, I put on my big girl panties, and decided I’d make the much anticipated trip to Fit 2 Run. I know the prices are astronomical and I know they sell you gear you don’t need. BUT I needed to try lots of shoes and the FIt 2 Run Club lets you do that.

My friend was gearing up to help me find the perfect running shoe, when The Running Shoe Miracle happened. His room mate is a professional tri-athlete. He wins awards (lots of them), he wakes up at 4 AM every day to train…basically he’s a beast. No surprise that his girlfriend is also athletic.

Here’s what is a surprise: we wear the same shoe size. Even bigger: she works at Fit 2 Run corporate and had running shoe she wasn’t using. We’re not talking one used old pair of running shoes. We’re talking about 6 pairs of $100-$190 pairs of shoes gently used. Some of them still have tags.


Aren’t they pretty?!

It was a Running Shoe Miracle. 

My new set of kicks includes:

Total: $744.91

Now that’s a Running Shoe Miracle. Reviews to come. 😉


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