4 Steps to a Cleaner Closet

DIY closet, closet organizing, messy closet, spring cleaning, small closet, apartment closet, small apartment When you have to pull things out of your closet like you’re playing a high-stakes game of Jenga, you know there’s a problem. Before I had a baby my entire house looked like an Ikea display. All of a sudden, this little bundle of joy was born and my house looked closer to Baby’s ‘R Us after a tornado. It drove me insane. So, I decided to put an end to the madness one room at a time.

I started by putting my skeletons in the closet. Translation? I took everything I didn’t want to see and shoved it in the closet. Problem solved. Only this reduced the functionality of my closets by oh, I don’t know, 100 percent. What I really wanted to do was run to Target and buy organizers and baskets to solve my problem. Great plan, except they’d probably end up shoved in the closet with everything else. So, here’s how I cleaned up my baby’s closet.

1.Have a ‘Come to Jesus’ Moment

Grab coffee (or wine) and open your closet. Look around and take a mental note of things you need. Pull everything else out. Start making piles as follows: Keep, Sell, Discard, Donate. Move anything you aren’t keeping out of the room. You might find that you don’t need any extra storage. If you still can’t figure out how to fit things back into the closet, move on to the other steps.

2. How Often Do You Use it

Okay, if you store diapers in the closet, move those to the front. If you store your husbands golf bag in the closet (yeah, small apartments suck), move that to the way back. You want your closet to be functional for every day life, but also for storage. Start reloading your closet with the things you use least often first.

3. Get Storage Solutions 

At this point in your progress, things probably seem hopeless. It might look like someone ransacked your house. That’s okay, you’re almost done. Now is the time to sneak out to Target, grab a latte (you’ll be pretty caffeinated after this) and get some storage solutions. if you look at my messy closet above, you’ll see bags of baby clothes I’m saving and lots of odds and ends. I picked up a plastic storage unit and space saver bags to tackle things. You can see how I used them in the finished product image below.

4. Make it Look Good

When you’re putting things away, try to make it look nice. Why? It will make you feel better when you open the closet. Instead of seeing an unorganized mess, you’ll see great storage solutions and a happy place. Use the space you have wisely and add some accent pieces to give your closet a little extra flare.

Here’s the finished product:

organized closet, nursery, storage solutions, OCD, DIY, organization, closet, storage

A cleaner, happier, and more user-friendly closet.

Want to know more about how I tackled this closet? Connect with me on Instagram at @AdventuresofRachel. Or comment below and I’ll help you figure out how to make your closet sparkle!

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