Is the Foodie Culture Making us Fat?

Foodie Culture Making us FatBacon. It’s not really a meat so much as a culture. Wrap it in bacon, stuff it with bacon, infuse it with bacon. It’s a trickle-down effect from the foodie culture. But could our new edible obsessions be making us fat?

Restaurants are serving up standard American dishes with a new foodie flare. A hamburger is served between two Krispie Kreme doughnuts, bacon is battered and deep-fried, macaroni and cheese is stuffed with bacon and deep-fried. The list of artery clogging food goes on and on.

We encourage outlandish food choices, with awards going to most indulgent dishes.  Right now, there’s no correlation between the foodie culture and obesity, but do we need one more issue?

Our diets need a major overhaul that will help bring us back to the basics. On-the-go diets promote unhealthy eating habits that translate into our lives. Whether it’s a burger at a fast food joint or a sit down meal at a dive, we’re consuming more calories than we ever have before.

So, do you think the foodie culture is making us fat?



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