The Art of Impressing People


Looks fancy, huh? Except it was really easy.

Getting invited to a potluck is stressful, right? Suddenly your lackluster cooking skills are put on display for all to see. You imagine your barely-touched dish sitting amongthe food. You pray no one asks what you brought. You leave the party without the dish, despite the fact that you cooked it in a family heirloom.

Okay, maybe that’s dramatic, but it could happen. I’m certainly not a master of impression or cooking, but I do know one thing for sure, other people can’t cook either. Unless you’re going to a party of aspiring chefs, other people are likely having the same doubts and fears as you.

Great news! Most people don’t make homemade dinners anymore. Whatever is most convenient often ends up on the dinner table. If you make something from scratch, people will usually be thoroughly impressed. The trick is to pick a dish with a fancy name and presentation. These are usually pretty easy to make.

My roommates and I used to have a monthly vegetarian potluck. I made something called “Apple-Nut Blue Cheese Tartlets“. It has a long name and the dish looks fancy. Despite all that, it was unbelievably easy and quick to make. It was a smash hit at the potluck, and I got raving reviews on it.

I never did reveal that it took me only a couple minutes to make, or that I used store-bought tartlets to speed up the recipe. When cooking for a crowd remember two things: people like good food and people like pretty food. They’ll never know if the recipe took you two hours or two minutes, they’ll just know if it makes their taste buds happy.

Make people’s taste buds happy. 🙂


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