Healthy Food, Diets & The Art of Moderation

healthy eating, clean eating, diets, healthRemember when you played with Magic 8 Balls as a kid? You’d ask a question and shake the ball until you got the answer you wanted, leaving nothing to chance. That’s how the internet is today. Within reason, you can find information for or against any topic you choose.

Ready? I Googled “Health Benefits of Ice Cream” and wouldn’t you believe it, articles abounded. Ladies, grab your spoons, because the internet says ice is good for you! After all it has calcium and milk which has Lactoferrin. It’s practically a health food.

But wait! Google “Ice Cream Health Concerns” and suddenly you’re met with fear-inducing articles like “The Chilling Truth about Ice Cream“. Wow, that sounds serious. Ut oh….remember all that awesome milk our last article talked about? Turns out ice cream is only required to contain 2.5 percent milk protein and 5 percent fat.

Now what do we do?

Take everything with a grain of salt. I constantly see people on fad diets, crash diets and miserable diets. You know what? They never lose weight. They seem to believe if they stop eating everything they love, the weight will just fall off. The truth is that diet plays a role in our weight and health, but it’s not everything.

We need to consider the facts present to us, but when society says wheat is bad, let’s not throw away everything containing wheat in the house. Um, seriously don’t though because you might not have any food left after. So what should you do?

healthy food, bacon, chicken, spinach

See? Healthy food can look tasty, too!

Go on a bare bones diet, eating veggies, fruit, meat and eggs. Do that for thirty days. Cut out processed foods, sugars, wheat, and dairy. Don’t fret, there are plenty of great places to get recipes online. After the thirty days, slowly start introducing foods back into your diet. If you stop eating dairy and then your first glass of milk makes you feel sluggish, cut back or eliminate milk. If bread binds you up, leave bread out of your diet.

On the other hand, if you realize that some foods don’t affect you, eat them in moderation. No one says you have to give up cupcakes to stay skinny, they just can’t be the staple of your diet. Here’s the deal: Eat Clean, Drink Water, Move More.

There isn’t some point system to weight loss. It’s just life, so live it!


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