Keepin’ it Weird in St. Petersburg


Kahwa coffee, cafe mocha, downtown st. pete

Cafe Mocha at Kahwa

The day opens with two large sweetened cafe mocha’s to go from Kahwa Coffee.  It’s like drinking energy and bliss from a cup. It’s like the sole surviving unicorn cried on a coffee bean, and from those tears, this coffee was born.

Okay, maybe a bit dramatic, but it’s seriously good coffee. Which we may or may not have used to be slightly deviant. We took those steaming, delicious cups into Haslam’s Book Store, the largest new & used book store in Florida (P.S. That’s against the rules).

It’s row after row of any book you could ever possibly imagine. Literally any book, because there was some weird stuff in the used section. I imagine it’s something like the “beyond” section at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

The crafty fest st.pete, St. Petersburg crafts, local crafts st.pete, indie market st. pete

The Crafty Fest

This impromptu trip to Haslam’s was sparked by none other than Rotary phone, crafty fest st.pete, local art st. peteThe Crafty Fest, a small gathering of local craft-creators selling their wares. There was everything from rotary phones and type-writers to knit goods and scary felt monsters.

It was like vintage meets Pinterest. Now that is a good time.

Saturday Afternoon

Chattaway St. Pete, 4th st. St.pete, Chattaway

Don’t miss the food at Chattaway!

Chattaway! If you’ve never been to The Chattaway in South St. Petersburg, you’re missing you. Don’t let the scary stories about the south side freak you out, this place is amazing.

There is plenty of outdoor seating that is surrounded by trees and plants. Christmas lights, rope lights and lanterns hang from the trees. Unique odds and ends tables, a coy pond and quaint decorations make this the perfect greasy spoon.

Live music, a small bon fire and friendly staff create an atmosphere that almost feels like home. Top that off with delicious food, and you’ve got a Diners, Drive-in’s and Dives show waiting to happen. Plus, it’s within walking distance of my house. Double win.

Saturday Night

We pulled up to this warehouse in South St. Petersburg. Sketchy. I know I just said not to be scared, but this was a warehouse….down a back road….at night.

Carnivale Obscura St. Pete, Local Art St. Pete, Art St. Pete

Anything goes! Even scuba divers on land!

There was a guy in a Phantom mask directing us into the building with a flashlight, where we were met by a woman with a crazy hat.

This was Carnivale Obscura in the Bottega d’Arte Galleria. It was a fine art exhibition and a surreal multimedia event. Whatever you call it, there was plenty of fun to be had.

I’ve never been so simultaneously offended and impressed. The local art scene has always eluded me, and now I was positively submerged in the heart of it. 

The artwork ranged from average to absurd. People walked around dressed in glittering gowns, belly dancing costumes, wacky hats, and scuba outfits. Nothing was off limits. Nothing.

Carnivale Obscura, Local Art St. Pete, Downtown St. Pete Art


Without realizing it, my boyfriend and I entered a room called The Peep Show. The title betrays nothing. The room was full of nude portraits and sculptures of the most painful persuasion.

Freud would have been in his glory. There were male genitals with arrows and pins. There penis pencil holders and penis decorations. Just image the daddy issues that went into that art.

Local art St. Pete, Carnivale Obscura

Do I look as awkward as I felt? Answer: yes.

Even Grumpy Cat made its way into some artwork. Don’t worry, grump cat and the penis torture weren’t in the same room. She was spared that agony.

Local art scene? Alive and well.

Sunday Afternoon

Two firsts: My first visit to The Hooker Tea Company and my first parking ticket.

I’m both disturbed and glad that I spent $26 at Hooker Tea. Apparently, the parking meters in downtown are checked ALL WEEK, not just Monday though Friday. Take note, my local friends, take note.

Hooker Tea Downtown St. Pete, Tea downtown St. Pete, Bubble tea, downtown st. peteIf it’s your first parking ticket, the city will waive your fee….IF you spent more than $25 at a local business while you were illegally parked. See? They support local businesses….kind of.

Anyway, the tea was delicious, which is a lot coming from a coffee addict such as myself. The staff is really helpful, and worked with me to find something that basically tasted like a latte. I’ll get more adventurous eventually, promise.

We’re inching closer to Localtopia! Stay tuned for next weeks blog, all about the event and my new local adventures!

Keep Saint Petersburg Local

Shop Local, my friends!

Until next time, don’t forget to Keep Saint Petersburg Local.


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