Squeaky Beds & Buckeye Balls


Excuse the under bed mess, but do note the lovely cardboard.

My bed squeaks. A lot. Every move I made at night sounded like a pterodactyl landing on my bed. Finally, I couldn’t stand it any longer, so I embarked on Operation SqueakBed. 

It began with extensive Google searches, and culminated with my bed torn apart all over my room. If it’s not bad enough box springs cost upwards of $200, I have some bad news….they are held together with thin fabric, some wood and cardboard. That’s right, cardboard.

According to other bloggers, removing this cardboard stopped the pesky squeaking. I was willing to do anything, so I madly sliced away at the thin fabric between me and the cardboard. I ripped away the remaining shreds of fabric and tore out the cardboard, savagely throwing it into the hallway.


Operation SqueakBed was (mostly) a success, and my bed was a little happier.

I started pushing my hand on the old wood of my box spring. The squeak was definitely minimized, but Operation SqueakBed was still in effect. I ran downstairs and retrieved a full arsenal of weaponry:  WD40, nails and a hammer. Mind you, I have no experience using any of these tools.

I started by spraying the rusty nails with WD40 like I was a teenager going to prom in 1963. I was determined to ruin the ozone. Then, I began pounding loose nails and staples into the wood. My fingers were in constant danger. After locating some loose boards, I gingerly placed a nail there and began pounding away with all the effort my tiny body could muster.

Sweating, breathless, perhaps a little disheveled, I pushed on the wood. Nothing. I stood on the wood. Nothing. Could Operation SqueakBed have been a success? After finally replacing the mattress and doing some jump tests on my bed (completely necessary), I found that the squeak had been reduced by nearly 90%, and that was good enough for me.


Delicious Buckeyes.

Maybe in the future, I’ll have someone who knows how to use a hammer and nails tighten it up to 100%. With the smell of WD40 hanging in the air, I sat triumphant on my nearly squeakless bed. Suddenly, I recalled the peanut butter treats waiting for me in the fridge, untouched by mankind (so far).

I made buckeyes. If you have some peanut butter at home, I suggest making these. They are delicious and the perfect snack for after Operation SqueakBed. I used this buckeye ball recipe and they turned out amazing! A word of advice: make sure to refrigerate the peanut butter balls until right before you coat them in chocolate. This will help the chocolate stick!

This is how I spent my Sunday alone…..


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