The Oxford Exchanged…in Tampa?

One moment you are standing on Kennedy Boulevard in Tampa, and the next you are transported worlds away. It’s like stepping on to the set of the latest Harry Potter movie. You almost expect magical creatures to serve you tea or the pictures on the wall to move.  Your first steps into The Oxford Exchange in Tampa are magical. Books, bustling people, and a building that seems to expand once you are inside. The beautiful architecture of the hallway and the smell of coffee brewing down the hall beckons you inside.

The Oxford Exchange as all the charm and intrigue of newness, but feels like home with the incorporation of local hot spots like Buddy Brew Coffee. The lost souls of Tampa have found a home. It’s what For all the novelty of downtown Tampa there has never been anything more appropriately placed than The Oxford Exchange. From a restaurant, to tea, coffee, books and a specialty store your senses will be on overload.

Finally there is a place to get away during lunch, to forget that the daily grind is in full swing. There is a relaxed atmosphere that is friendly and inviting, it says ‘ just because we have lattes to go doesn’t mean that you have to go.’ At Starbucks there is a constant feeling of urgency, they are slammed, they are burnt-out and they are feeding money into a corporate giant. In the end, we are happily giving our money back to the community by supporting the local vendors snugly placed inside The Oxford Exchange.

Although I haven’t personally tried the food as of yet, I have heard rave reviews on the matter. It seems that top-notch is their mantra and truth be told, it will be hard to compete with The Oxford Exchange.

From the architecture to the atmosphere, this was just what Tampa was missing. Perhaps once I’ve stayed a bit longer I can add to my review. I might even talk to a few of the employees and see what they think of the new hangout. Until then I have to suggest you see for yourself. Don’t stare too long or you might see the staircases changing location.

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