Gov. Rick Scott’s State of the State Address, budget cuts, unemployment

Gov. Rick Scott isn’t making popular decisions, but he says he isn’t here to. In Scott’s first State of the State Address, he focused on creating jobs.

Scott audaciously called the session an “emergency session” to assist the 1.1 million unemployed Floridians. He claimed companies are relocating to Florida because it is becoming more “business-friendly“.

Scott’s claims about the details of businesses relocation to Florida may have been a slight exaggeration. Scott said Chromalloy, a high-tech metal casting company, came to Hillsborough county and created 400 new jobs.

A spokeswoman for the company said it would bring 25-50 new jobs in addition to the 240 jobs already there. Best case scenario that is 290 new jobs, not 400. Whoops, looks like someone failed elementary math.

Furthermore, Bing Energy, a company Scott claimed relocated to Tallahassee because of his tax cuts, decided to move before Scott was in office.

Despite Scott’s gleaming praise of Florida educators, his proposed budget includes $3.3 million in education cuts, an issue caused largely by his decision to lower property taxes.

Florida educators protested Scott’s decision by gathering in Lykes Gaslight Park in downtown Tampa. They were among protesters in 25 other cities in an event called Awake the State.

As promised, Scott created one of the most fiscally conservative budgets in the nation. Though, like many of his decisions, this has not gone without controversy. Can anyone say high-speed rail? We didn’t need jobs anyway, right?




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